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Intranet - A Communication Tool

Intranet – A Communication Tool

A well-designed intranet can prove to be an effective tool for communication within the association and help increase employee engagement. To get the most out of your intranet, you should try to understand how it can make internal communication much better. Sciqus intranets offer a variety of possibilities for associations and aren’t just limited to some clients or one specific intranet. A precisely designed intranet plan is vital to achieving organizational pretensions like employee satisfaction and retention.


Intranet – A Communication Tool

Companies looking to make good use of intranet portals and to improve internal communication should consider the intranet as one of the best available tools in the market. We have mentioned some ways companies can use this communication tool to its optimum eventuality.

Offer a Social Experience

Several companies have started using the strength of social media to produce engaging content on the intranet. Some companies indeed totally rely on a social intranet for communication rather than traditional emails.

Use Multi-Directional Communication

A superior quality intranet gives workers a chance to engage with people in any position of the scale by responding to their posts. This is an amazing way to boost employee morale and internal communication.

Share Live Stats and Metrics

Modern intranet gives companies the occasion to partake in business statistics like client feedback and different sales report with their people. Similar stats can be made a part of the dashboard so workers can see how the company or department is doing. This is a great feature for the company’s future growth and predictions.

Go Mobile

These days, not all of the employees work from their office computers or from the office. It’s desirable that they’re suitable to use the intranet from a remote position and presumably from a smartphone.

Communication Statistics In The Workplace

Studies have shown that workers who feel engaged and connected within their companies contribute further to the business ethics or ideals and retain longer. Still, it all comes down to communication. Effective communication helps increase their engagement and profit the company in return. We will share are some of the most important company and employee communication statistics that prove the significance of engagement in organizations.

Around 74 percent of workers feel that they miss out on their company’s important or valuable news. Workers get confused when information isn’t available freely. Employees would not like that they aren’t informed about company achievements and changes. These are the reasons why businesses or organizations should rework on their internal communication strategies.

Employee loyalty/productivity towards the organization increases by 20-25 percent where workers are connected. However, their productivity is likely to drop, If people struggle to find the information they’re looking for. This means you should ensure your internal communication plan gets the information flowing between different departments.

Associations with effective intranet portals are 3.5 times more capable of beating their direct competitors. This is because your business gets directly affected by the way you engage with your people. The Silo Effect is one of the biggest challenges associations face. When departments do not communicate enough, they can not coordinate their work, waste time, and miss deadlines. With a great communication strategy in place, associations can stay ahead of the competition.

Engaging Communication

To produce something engaging for employees, make sure it’s direct, transparent, and conveyed in the right tone. There should be no lengthy rulings or unpleasing language, whatever form you use for communication. Messages should be pleasurable and motivating. Intranet can help you maintain thickness as it stores different kinds of documents and templates.

Schedule Messages for Better Communication

When you’re delivering internal communication, timing is really critical. However, it’s likely to have a deeper impact, If you’re transferring the right communication at the right time. Look at the type of communication and decide the perfect time for transferring it. Use tools to dissect what times people interact the most. Fine-tune your communication to suit the engagement station of your workers.

Internal communication is the foundation of an engaged, productive, and successful company. A clear, well-designed intranet communication plan can maximize the goods of communication by uniting the staff, perfecting productivity, and giving back huge returns to the business. Once you have an introductory intranet communication plan in place, it’s important that you review and modernize it on a regular basis to make sure it stays effective.

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