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Intranet - collaboration tool

Intranet – A Collaboration Tool

The intranet is made up of people; these people are the workers of the company. Promoting their collaboration means helping them do their jobs more and more effectively, furnishing them with all the content and tools they need to feel a productive part of the company. Intranet portals can increase the ROI of the company in the long run and better employee engagement.

Let’s have a look at how the intranet can play a key role in implementing these aspects.

The Intranet Portal User is a Participant

The idea that an intranet portal is a tool managed only in a top-down way, thus only by the senior management who produces content and shoots it to the rest of the workers, is wrong.

The intranet portal is a community platform. Intranet portal is a platform for collaboration and sharing. Workers need to unite, both with each other and grow with the intranet portal.

Bottom-up Intranet

Bottom-up Intranets have this essential intelligence wherein there are virtual spaces in which every individual gets a platform to express themselves and incontinently unite with others. This promotes free expression and increases employee engagement.

The Advantages of Collaboration with the Intranet

There are numerous reasons for erecting an effective internal communication and collaboration strategy. First of all, creating an active communication network with all workers means stimulating commitment and the sharing of commercial values. Participating in business information, similar to strategic plans, pretensions, or issues, creates a sense of belonging that enhances the company’s engagement.

The technology for sending males in real-time allows you to produce decreasingly effective collaboration platforms.

For effective collaboration at the company position, workers must always be informed about

  • Future objectives of the company
  • Internal strategies
  • Important events and deadlines
  • Commercial charge
  • Company values

Better Collaboration

To produce a great experience for employees, you need to concentrate on their requirements, which means understanding how to produce the best-in-class workflow for their collaboration.

The thing is to make operation and communication easy by creating a great digital work environment, controlling activities, access information, all through a single tool. Still, the intranet portal becomes a satisfying experience that increases productivity and satisfaction with clear results, If the intranet is equipped with the right tools and operations for workers.

How can workers communicate and unite with these values?

Sciqus helps you apply the communication and collaboration of your commercial intranet in the best way possible so that employees enjoy using the corporate intranet which increases the productivity of employees and good ROI in the coming years.

Through these tools, you can allow current employees to shoot different emails and communicate in real-time, share important information and the other person will get notified through push notifications.

Push Announcements

Push notifications on devices are messages that appear on the mobile device screen even when you aren’t using an app or website.

On pushing or feeding content and posting it to a section of the intranet portal, all intranet users will get push notifications that will allow them to stay up to date on what’s happening in their company.

A constantly active communication channel

Larger companies, with departments and services in other countries, use this technology to establish an active communication channel between workers wherever they are irrespective of time zones.

Push notifications are used to partake in company values or for information applicable to their systems. In addition, they’re also an essential business tool that keeps workers up to date on important dispatches or calls from associates and guests.


If your company is looking for better collaboration, communication & engagement with employees and want to increase the productivity of employees then corporate intranet by Sciqus is the best solution for your company. If you want to know more about corporate intranet or about our offerings then visit here.

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