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What is Custom Application Development & It’s Benefits

Used for everything from accounting and reporting to employee planning and customer relationship management, it is essential in today’s business. These applications save a significant amount of companies time and money by creating structured, often automated processes that meet business needs and eliminate human error. So, it’s no surprise that $ 3.94 trillion was spent on business software worldwide between 2009 and 2020.

What is Custom Application Development & It's Benefits

However, perfect off-the-shelf software is rare. These biscuit cutter solutions are intended for the general public, and while capable of getting the job done, they may not be fully suitable for individual businesses. Many off-the-shelf software types may not have the features and functionality your business needs, ultimately resulting in a suboptimal solution with a low ROI. But it doesn’t have to be – bespoke software development (also known as custom application development) allows companies to use software that meets their needs.

What is custom application development?

Custom Application Development is the process of designing, developing, and implementing a tailored application as per the business needs. For example, many schools, hospitals, and companies create their own portals for students, patients, and staff that can be used for a variety of purposes. Other well-known and commonly used types of custom software include the Uber ride-sharing app, Netflix video streaming platform, and Apple iOS software.

The custom application development process is often handled by in-house developers or outsourced using the same processes and methodologies as for off-the-shelf applications but to a much narrower focus.

However, the development of low-code development platforms has allowed citizen developers to develop these types of applications on their own, rather than building the application from scratch through coding. In this way, low code development platforms reduce dependence on dedicated developers, reduce production time and costs, and increase developer productivity when using them.

Why use custom application development?

It’s Customized

The most obvious benefit of custom application development is that the application you create adapts exactly to the needs of your business, as opposed to off-the-shelf software. This can simplify and optimize the user experience, often making the software available to a wide range of people, not just those who know it or experts handling it.

It’s Adaptable

Over time, custom applications can also be adapted to the current and future needs of your business. By comparison, off-the-shelf software leaves you at the mercy of the developers who cannot update or improve it satisfactorily.

It’s Compatible

Companies tend to use different software in their operations, which can lead to compatibility issues. Custom application development helps to work around this problem by ensuring that the applications you create are compatible with other tools your company uses, which improves performance. In addition, custom application development often integrates and automates workflows across multiple programs, increasing productivity and reducing user errors.

It’s Secure

Off-the-shelf software is much more vulnerable to hacker attacks because it is used by so many companies and is available to everyone. This allows hackers to learn the code of these specific programs, which will facilitate their penetration. In addition, being able to access data from multiple companies is especially attractive to cybercriminals.

Custom applications are usually much more difficult to hack as they will only be used within the same company, with the option of additional layers of protection, making them less attractive as a data source to any hacker.

Increases Productivity

Now that you’ve made your business systematic, what do you want next? Yes, this is your company’s productivity. You’ll be pleased to know that a customizable mobile app increases your company’s productivity by 41%. This promises the productive development of your business. By using these applications, you can also effectively improve the performance of your product.

As per a survey, 74% of customers saw a performance increase after using a customized application, and 81% reported a reduction in inefficient tasks. Moreover, 60 percent of customers saw the ROI from their custom applications. This is a huge number that drives and attracts the use of custom-built mobile applications. Therefore, you should definitely make up your mind to do so and make your business more productive than ever before

Ability To Use Multiple Devices

If your application is not efficient enough or is not compatible with all devices, you can certainly lose a large number of customers. But as long as you are using a custom mobile app, it won’t, as this app will increase your app’s multi-device ability by 25%. This means that for every four devices you get one extra.

These applications are reasonably compatible and provide different approaches due to their availability on multiple devices.

Customer Communication

The client becomes really very happy and promotes your business for free if you communicate with him correctly. Adding simple forms and surveys can help you get the customer information you want. Increases the efficiency of interaction with customers by 27%.

Adapted mobile applications allow you to freely communicate with customers and solve their problems. And when your customers’ problems are resolved quickly, you can wow them, which will help your business grow, and you even know that users are listening to customer feedback.


Thus, a tailored mobile application provides a huge number of benefits that will increase the efficiency and productivity of your business. A mobile application is essential for the development of any business, and if you want maximum efficiency and effectiveness, then a personalized mobile application is by far the best option.

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