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Top Must Have Features of Retail Apps to Boost Sales

Top Must Have Features of Retail Apps to Boost Sales

The roar in the retail sector has taken a huge jump, and the upsurge for mobile apps is adding at a faster pace. Preliminarily, a retail website with easy-to-use functionalities was sufficient, but at the moment, you need fresh and creative retail mobile apps to make the most for your business.

The booming mobile platform has converted the way of communication between retailers and consumers. Retail apps help you to chuck the age-old way of creation in the form of circulars, hoardings, etc. and can let your loyal customers know about the flagship launches, promotional, and exciting offers at their fingertips.

Retail apps can ease a client’s life when comparing rates, browsing for goods, and checking reviews on the go. It’s fair to state that mobile operations can explosively impact consumers, especially in this mCommerce period.


Each-Important Features of Mobile Retail Store Apps

Sciqus, a leading UI/ UX design company, we know that mobile apps fine-tuned for retail businesses should have easy-to-use navigation features to give a satisfying shopping experience to current or potential customers. So, we’ve stated the must-have mobile app features.

Loyalty Program for customers

Retail apps offer the best platform for running loyalty programs for customers. Consumers can get accolades for buying or referring to multitudinous people which may result in more clients and increased sales for the company. Online retail stores can start loyalty programs without any worries via mobile apps.

Push notifications

Push notifications in retail apps give a brilliant way to connect with your implicit clients and keep them streamlined about everything like new exciting offers, price changes, etc.

An eCommerce app development company can inoculate the functionalities with AI-powered technology to collect data and shoot substantiated notifications based on clients’ general behavior, buying habits, and interests. It can bolster the relationship between your business and clients.

Different filters and categories

Infusing this point in your retail app development design is a must-have. It enables your clients to filter all the unwanted products and find out the best product for your customers. Likewise, proper categorization of products can prop your clients in handpicking specific products from a vast collection at ease.

Mobile Wallet

In this mCommerce period, mobile wallet integration for transactions is one of the most effective mobile app features to consider. It’s in total demand and a superb way for smooth and secure mobile deals.

A good retail mobile app development agency can inoculate payment gateways to empower you to put forward the means of using a debit or credit card and net banking installations to your client’s dashboard to pay for the products easily.

Analytics Integration

Collecting huge data is largely useful in making big decisions. With the arrival of AI and ML technologies, businesses can offer personalized experiences by tracking user data. Adding these in retail mobile apps can result in a more refined shopping experience.

Analytics also permits you to fulfill client demands in a more systematized and effective way. It has the power to make your business way more client-centric and have better ROI( Return on Investment).

Price Checker and Comparison

According to reports, people frequently compare products before buying them. So, how about furnishing them with price check and comparison functionality in your retail mobile apps? This point might look simple, but it can play a vital part in the trustability factor.

Social Media Integration

In these social media-driven times, it has come mandatory for every retail business group to stay in touch with their clients 24/7 and resolve their service-related queries in no time. Thus, the need for social media integration with retail apps is essential nowadays.

Retail apps also offer full-time support for your sales team to get real-time company data whenever needed. The app has the power to give a mobility advantage with stylish-in-class features and outstanding functionality. It’s a great medium for bolstering your business online in a cost-effective way.

Reviews and FAQs

The reviews and FAQs section can strengthen your client’s belief in your products and services as they can fluently gain knowledge regarding the products from other genuine customers. It’s one of the great app features and it can’t be compromised, as it provides a complete product idea to the clients.

Preview Section

How about easing the shopping experience by giving your customers a preview section in your online retail apps? If the client wants to check out how they look after wearing the clothes or other accessories, they can very easily do that with the help of a preview section in the app. AR and VR- grounded technology can be useful in this regard.


There is a huge demand for online retail store apps and the future of online retail stores are very promising. All the above-mentioned things can be easily incorporated into apps and can fetch huge profits for the company.

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