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Modern Intranet for employees

Rise of the Modern Intranet in workplace

Does the term “intranet” give you bad nightmares of cluttered queue-sharing of files or never-ending links that make it insuperable to find what you need.

According to Forrester, the experience and lack of employee-friendly intranet functionality in intranets have led a large number of company employees to rank it as their least-loved work tool. Without any doubt, intranets are still really critical to employee success, and so vital to the business. But in order to serve both the pool and business, these intranets need to be transposed into state-of-the-art intranets.

Intranets: Workplace Idol or Nightmare?

Intranets first came on the scene as a way for companies to host information for their company employees privately without sharing it with others outside the company. To fulfil this need, traditional intranets handed rudimental web content with less functionality. So as the technology evolved, the intranet also changed, as Gartner puts it, “static websites in a dynamic world.”

Here the question arises, why bother with intranets?

Let’s check the stats. A modern intranet can provide:-

  • Increase employee productivity by 20-25 % by seamless communication and collaboration.
  • Increase trades by 20 by connecting and engaging current employees
  • Modern intranet solutions can Save big companies $62.5 million per time that they could have otherwise lost due to poor communication. ( Minor companies lose a standard of$421,000 per while)

In short, a new modern intranet is a significant tool that, when used fittingly, can exponentially refine the employee experience and in turn better productivity.

Present employees demand timely delivery of their work content via their preferred consumption channels — web and mobile. Especially in light of the recent shift towards remote work, intranet tools are turning vital wheelmen for communication, collaboration, and engagement for employees that might not be meeting face-to-face presently. Employees want to use modern intranet solutions for their day-to-day tasks.

What Makes a New Intranet Modern?

What distinguishes a new modern intranet from traditional intranet solutions? ( Other than, of course, the really clever and innovative name.)
A robust, specialized foundation combined with an employee strategy sets apart a new intranet from its more traditional counterpart. Along with new features that satisfy current employees and the way they work at your company.

The new modern intranet should:

  • Integrate and aggregate operations and tools, empowering current employees to do all their work and find fresh new information through a single touch
  • Completely personalized and target information on employee task sheet, location, or preferences
  • Be freely accessible and used by in-office, remote, and deskless workforce working for your company.
  • Drive the new corporate culture by delivering better employee communication and engagement
  • Optimize business operations by digitizing day-to-day manual processes and resolving current employees needs fast

Sometimes, for an intranet to help increase productivity and engagement, it must have enhanced specialized capabilities to improve employee engagement and collaboration.

Giving Your Intranet a Boost

With this understanding of new modern intranets, your new question might be, “ how do I incorporate this in my company or how to change my old intranet solutions?”

To create a successful foundation for all your employee experience strategies, bring together stakeholders from IT, legal, human resources, and other necessary departments to answer the following questions and clarify the purpose of the modern intranet.

  • What are the pivotal organizational motorists for jobholders?
  • What does success look like for jobholders?
  • How does jobholder success fit into the overall fraternity’s success?
  • How do employees prefer to do their work?
  • What are the new or old employee’s biggest frustrations in their work experience?

The answers to these questions will help you make a foundation that won’t only guide the design and functionality of the intranet but also clarify employees existing problems and how to tackle those problems.

Modern intranets don’t need to continue to be an unloved tool in your solution stack. Learn what it’ll take to update your intranet in order to boost employee communication with other teammates, increase collaboration, and optimize business operations.

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