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Employee Engagement

Importance of Intranet for Employee Engagement

In many of our cases, “employee feedback” brings back memories of an unpleasant annual meeting with an inaccessible boss. But in today’s world, employee feedback is evolving into a continuous listening strategy that builds trust between managers and employees. Regular employee feedback leads to a very high level of employee engagement with many benefits.

Employee feedback is the backbone of getting your employees engaged. This is the most effective way to measure employee satisfaction, identify employee growth gaps, and uncover problems before the employee turnover count increases.

It is very important to understand that these interactions are going to create a value for your business. Positive feedback from employees indicates that the workplace environment is encouraged and great. Negative comments, on the other hand, are warning signs that things aren’t on track.

Many companies use employee engagement surveys to collect this feedback. That is wonderful! What’s not so great is that the results are in third-party tools, often stored in different departments.

Gathering employee feedback over the intranet using an integrated research tool solves this problem. The results remain on the internal network, can be easily shared with other teams, and the data can be linked to other datasets.

The additional benefit of collecting feedback using tools that employees already spend their time every day – this increases the chances of actually answering the question.

Allowing communication in the workplace can also have a significant impact on employee satisfaction.

According to a survey by, the three most common causes of negative workplaces are all communication-related.

Lack of management leadership: 38%

Overall lack of communication: 14%

Inadequately communicated constant change: 12%

Listening to Employee Feedback

For managers, listening to employee feedback is just as important as providing feedback. Providing a platform for sharing ideas and ideas is important for building and maintaining employee involvement. It’s also a great mechanism for managers to better understand their employees and avoid potentially costly mistakes and ineffective processes. Use the following listening tools.

The Pulse Survey is a series of short questions that can be answered quickly and easily, ideally distributed to employees on a regular basis. They check the health of the organization on employee-centric topics such as roles, communication, and work environment.

Chatbots are becoming more and more popular. Employee retention chatbots help businesses stay in touch with their employees. Bot helps employees stay on top of the latest developments in the company, collect feedback, and handle various aspects of the employee’s life cycle.

The Annual Survey provides a detailed analysis of the organization to help measure engagement and identify problems. But the real value lies in how the company uses the results. Incorporate changes and return results to employees

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