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How to Improve Teamwork in Organizations

What is teamwork?
In the workplace, teamwork is defined as individuals coming together to mix their strengths and knowledge for a standard goal. Individuals cooperate and work together while sharing feedback and learning from one another’s skills and knowledge. Great teams don’t just get along, they share an equivalent commitment to performance and strive towards an equivalent desired outcome. This creates an environment built on mutual affection and respect, helping team members trust and believe in each other’s opinions.

What does teamwork do?
Promoting effective teamwork does quite just boost employee morale, it helps your business run better. consistent with ClearCompany, companies with high levels of employee engagement report 20% more productivity. That’s because engaged employees understand the importance of their role and align with organizational values. this will be nurtured by laying this foundation at the team level.

You’ll recognize teamwork in action once you see employees not only communicating but collaborating together. Individuals learn from others’ mistakes and experiences and support each other to urge the work done. Fostering a team-centric environment also will assist you to attract and retain top talent. 37% of employees highlight ‘working with an excellent team’ as their primary reason for staying at their job.

Aside from more productive and constant employees, perhaps the foremost exciting byproduct of great teamwork is that the increased ability to return up with new solutions. consistent with a study-travel by PGI, a way of workplace collaboration can increase successful innovation by 15%. Creating an environment that supports open and honest communication encourages employees to share their ideas and put their heads together to unravel problems.

How to improve teamwork
Improving teamwork is some things that a lot of managers strive for, but few see it through. Why? Well, for one thing, fostering great teams takes time. Teamwork is made on trust and mutual respect, also as a shared experience. this will take time to foster, especially in remote teams or teams that collaborate during a hybrid model.
However, improving your teamwork can, and will, start today. By following the following pointers for successful teamwork, you’ll create an environment during which teams can thrive.

Tips for successful teamwork


We defined teamwork as a gaggle of individuals driven by a standard objective. This shared goal is what unites teams and motivates them to seek out new ways to figure together. However, many organizations fail to speak their mission clearly on the team level. A study conducted by ClearCompany found that only 14% of companies have employees that understand the organization’s strategy, goals, and objectives. for people and teams to be effective, clear goals must be set from the start and communicated on a daily basis to stay teams heading down the trail towards success.


Understanding individual strengths and therefore the role they play within the team mission will help teams excel. consistent with a study conducted by Gallup, companies that incorporated strengths-based management (e.g. performing a strengths test and placing employees in roles that they will excel in) increased profits by 14%-29%. People like doing what they’re good at and can be more motivated if they feel that they’re contributing their best work to realize the general goal.


Diverse teams that include people from different backgrounds and skillsets tend to be more efficient at problem-solving. A study conducted by Cloverpop found that diverse teams make better decisions 87% of the time. the dimensions of the team are additionally important. Think 4 to 9 people. It must be large enough to urge the work done but sufficiently small that it doesn’t become unwieldy and succumb to groupthink.


The best thanks to promoting teamwork are to practice what you preach. Great leaders lead by example and may establish better team practices by making it the cultural norm. consistent with Gallup, managers account for a minimum of 70% of the variance in employee engagement scores across business units. This means that the behavior and attitudes exuded from the highest are going to be internalized through the ranks and eventually take hold throughout the organization.


As the saying goes, communication may be a two-way street. so as to market a healthy flow of data and concepts, it’s essential that your teams feel heard. taking note of your teams won’t only help them feel their ideas are worth sharing but can boost their own personal reference to the organization and their role. A study conducted by Atlassian found that when honest feedback, mutual respect, and private openness were encouraged, team members were 80% more likely to report higher emotional well-being.


It’s no secret that teams who connect on a private level can unlock their collaborative potential. 50% of the positive changes in communication patterns within the workplace are often accredited to social interaction outside of the workplace. Team building exercises and activities can help build trust between members and provides them a chance to collaborate more successfully. Encourage individuals to require coffee breaks and host happy hours. Plan periodic icebreakers and activities that give your teams an opportunity to urge them to understand one another on a deeper level.


Digital collaboration tools, like an intranet solution, are an important component of teamwork both in and out of the office. As we adapt to a more hybrid way of working, collaboration tools became the common thread keeping teams connected and opening up new possibilities for more flexible ways of working. Happeo’s intranet solution offers a dynamic solution and user-friendly design which will boost productivity and make collaboration at work easy company-wide.

Implementing successful teamwork in your business

When taking steps to enhance your teamwork, it’s important that you simply approach these changes in a way that works for you and your organization. Teams are often wildly diverse in their communication and collaboration styles, so it’s important to acknowledge what works best for your culture. Given the proper framework, teamwork will begin to flourish and overtime teams will become more driven and effective.

Especially in 2021, selecting the proper digital collaboration tool is vital to making an optimal team environment. Providing one shared source of truth for everything from your knowledge domain to collaborative and social channels can help your employees better hook up with getting the work done. inspect our intranet comparison guide to seek out the tools that suit you best.

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