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Why Your Business Need A Custom Web Application

From email to e-commerce, every business that exists today relies on a variety of various applications to sustain the business.
Sometimes you may also feel like you have already got the applications that you wished for, but have you ever thought, there’s always a “Gotta be a far better way” or “I hope this could also be a part of the software…” this brings you to step 1 of the custom app development process.

Custom vs. Commercial

Before we move into the benefits of the custom apps for your business, let’s discuss about exactly what an internet app consists broadly, all apps—both web and mobile– are software programs that help users perform tasks.
Most people’s initial idea of an app is some things they use on their smartphone, like Instagram or a weather app—these are appropriately called mobile apps for his or her use on mobile smartphones. Users download this software onto their devices and use it to perform tasks, like sharing pictures with each other or checking the weather.

The other sort of apps is web apps, which give an equivalent functionality as mobile apps, but without the necessity to download any software. Users access web apps online through a browser rather than downloading them straight to a tool. Google Docs, for instancemaybe a web app because you employ it over an online browser, unlike Microsoft Word, which you’ve got to download to your device to use.

Let’s start talking about why which may be an honest idea.

Are The Tools you’ve got the proper Ones?

Think of every app, both mobile, and web, as tools during a toolbox for your business. The apps in use vary widely by business, but the commonly used apps or software for little businesses are:

  • Document creation, spreadsheet, and presentation
  • HR and payroll applications
  • Inventory management
  • Accounting
  • Invoicing and payment applications
  • Email marketing services
  • Project management apps
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Like tools that we use in a toolbox, each application is meant to accomplish a selected task during a specific circumstance. A flathead screwdriver is excellent for putting in or removing flathead screws, but is of no use for cutting wire—the same way your task management application is great at creating Pie charts but less effective at tracking attendance.

The problem lies within the fact that many businesses have hyper-specific application needs, but they only use off-the-shelf software to urge the work done. You’ll technically use a wrench to hammer a nail, but it’s not the simplest tool for the work.

A custom web application is an application that’s designed to satisfy your specific needs. Sort of a custom suit tailored to your body, a custom web app is ready-made to your business and your operations. You would possibly be getting the work done now, but few businesses can thrive with cookie-cutter solutions. Here are some reasons why a custom web app may be a good solution for your business.

Custom Application Capabilities

The best advantage of custom web app development is that it is specifically tailored for your business operations. Every business is different, which suggests every business operates differently. Our team can work together with your business to know your needs and build a very custom solution.

Exactly what your business needs depends on tons of things, but here are a number of the most important advancements a custom application can provide.

Dashboarding and Reporting

For better or worse, many businesses are flooded with more information and data than they will handle. Number of sales , social media analytics, and other business reports all play important roles in any business operations. The matter isn’t accessing the information– what most businesses struggle with is shifting through it all and separating the useful data from the junk.

Sciqus can work with businesses to create a custom application that prioritizes, interprets, and displays all of the foremost important data in one place. With an internet application built from scratch, the times of juggling charts and spreadsheets are easy for all your employees.


Automation can mean anything for your business. If you’ve ever been stuck during a mind-numbing task thinking “there has got to be a neater way,” you’ll be pleased to listen to that you’re probably right. Custom web apps that automate tasks let employees specialize in more important matters instead.

Integration with Other Apps

One of the foremost common responses to the thought of custom web apps is, “We’ve already put enough time and money into onboarding with existing software. We don’t want to put everything in the past to waste.”
The goal of customized applications is not always to replace the existing applications. Sometimes a client just needs their current applications to blend nicely together. With some clever coding, Sciqus can create a custom application that integrates all of the software and applications that you simply want to consolidate.

Access to your Team

When you have a team develop a custom app, they know all the details of the software. Not because they were trained on the app, but because they built it from scratch. Most publicly available applications have support staff available, but they are doing only that: support.

When it involves resolving major issues or walking you through your new app, there’s no team more qualified than the team that built it. Your web development team knows the app from back to front and may provide far more comprehensive support compared to support staff from an off-the-shelf app.

Sciqus has many experiences, guiding clients through the app development process. From conceptualization to launch, we will build a product that custom fits your business to make your life much easier. So if you’re feeling a need for a custom web application, we’re open to all your queries related to the web applications.

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