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User Journey Design
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There is a shift in the industry where companies are revamping the user experiences and trying to offer engaging user journeys to their users be it their customers, employees, or vendors.

We leverage our expertise have implemented diversified applications aiming at B2B and B2C business models. Apps should aim to achieve the highest engagement and that needs an investment of persona research. Understanding the targeted users, their life, challenges make a designer offer engaging user journey.

User journeys need a focused understanding of the User Personas. A product would be used by multiple levels of users who belong to varied social, economical and cultural backgrounds. These attributes are very important in user experience design.



RAD is a great technique that uses ready-to-use components to expedite the development process by avoiding everything being built from scratch, thus saving time and money. Rapid prototype releases and iterations are the priorities of agile methodology. Use of software and user feedback over planning and requirements recording are prime areas of RAD.

Better quality products with the best UI/UX can be designed in less time, thus increasing efficiency. Let RAD provide you simple adaptability by taking a highly malleable form during development

We follow Product Engineering approach while dealing with any project. Having worked on our own projects, we understand an organized approach to achieve best from the scope which is the outcome of many brainstorming sessions of your cross-functional teams.

Quick Workshop – Analyze, document and confirm the requirements with our business experts and consultants. We also suggest industry best-practices and our bit of understanding to get the product adopted across users.

Wireframing – The creative and business experts involves in creating the skeleton of the app. Here we also buy your thoughts to understand the right expectations meet.

Development – We work extensively to make sure the code quality is good. We follow agile approach to ensure NO SURPRISES to our customers.

QA & Testing – Testing with all possible scenarios including multiple user behaviour will be done. Our testers ensure no loop hole left unattended from the user journey.

Support – Offering support during Go-Live helps you to confidently launch the apps across geographies. Post Go-Live support is crucial for a smooth implementation of the app

Architecture – Technology and architecture will ensure the flexibility and scalability of the app in future. Deciding the architecture whether you need a monolithic one or microservices one is important for the growth of the product. On-premise or cloud would also be considered from not only from scaling perspectives but from cost implications as well.

UI/UX – We ensure to design an intuitive User Journey of the app for a successful adoption. The UIs could be different for different set of users for same functionality and this is something that ensures great user engagement.

Security – Security is an integral part of the app especially when the data is sensitive or exposed to outside environment. We host the apps on the most secured environments apart from the VAPT, other Security and Compliance tests.

UAT & Go-Live – We involve your power users to execute the UAT and execute the on-site working of the apps.

Extend – Incorporating the users’ feedback for continual growth and business expansion is needed to carve out the second phase of the apps.

We help your idea to establish as a product and launch with start-up speed and in a cost-effective way. A brilliant idea is not something that has to be taken lightly but need to be respected with great efforts of execution to make s start-up successful.
We understand the focus of start-ups of building great products in most cost-effective way as possible and launch them quickly.
Innovation and quality in the approach
Design MVPs for a quick launch
Fast Go-To-Market
Extendible products
Phase-wise approach

Small and Medium Businesses (SMB)

We play a crucial role in scaling your existing products to grow your business to the next level.

SMBs need to emphasize their brand image and achieve next level of business by offering value additions to their customers and eco-system. Addition of multiple apps helps you to scale to next level and ease your business operations by automation.

We help you define and achieve your goals.
Offer great user journey to the users
Apps with phase-wise approach
Workshops to understand the initiatives
Strategic objectives to be achieved
Integrations with internal and third party apps
Large Enterprises
Large enterprises might need their strategies to be revised or re-emphasized after certain time. The need of the old apps to be revamped or replaced could be one of the major initiatives enterprises might initiate.

Couple of areas how we engage-
Revamping / replacing the existing apps with new ones
Detailed requirement understanding workshops
Security of the apps
Dedicated Account Manager
Quarterly Application Reviews