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Why Small Business Should Have a Website

Why Small Business Should Have a Website

Today you’ll have a website for just about anything—from crowdfunding campaigns to ordering food online. Except for some reason, an estimated 30-40% of small businesses are slow to move online.

In surveys, many business owners say they don’t have the talents, the time, or the cash to create an attractive website. Yet surprisingly many say they don’t need a website at all, either because it isn’t required or because they use social media.


That idea is changing quickly though, especially as coronavirus makes in-person business harder. We’ve rounded up some specific reasons why your small business should have its own website. If you’re a small business owner who is struggling to attract customers from traditional methods then this article is for you.

1. Customers now expect businesses to possess websites

Now because of Covid websites are becoming more important than ever, customers want to be ready to find information about you from your company website. Most consumers do research online before they buy anythingalbeit it’s to shop for something from their local shop. If you don’t have a website, it sends a message that your business is stuck within the Middle Ages, that you’re not open anymore, or that you’re not curious about finding new customers—and those are never messages you would like to send!

2. You’ll control information and branding

User reviews and comments on other websites are great, but shouldn’t you’ve got the ultimate say about how your company is presented to the public? Having a website for your company instantly creates a nice presence on the webin order that you don’t need to depend upon others speaking for you. And you’ll make it look precisely the way you would liketogether with your own logo and company branding.

3. It makes you look more reputable and trustworthy

Consumers are learning to be pretty savvy once they research online. In fact, 75% will judge your credibility by your website design. That’s why it’s so important to possess a contemporary, up-to-date website with a custom domain and other markers of trustworthiness. A website also shows that you simply are open for business during a time when there’s tons of uncertainty.

4. You’ll sell products online

Online sales were on the increase even before COVID-19 kept everyone stuck in reception. And this inclination is expected to continue after the stores reopen to customers. Though you don’t consider yourself as an “eCommerce” business, you’ll still use the website to benefit your offline business.

It can help supplement your income when you’re closed in-person and attract new customers who will now be ready to find your services and products via Google and other search engines.

And, if you don’t want the headache of shipping, you can give a pickup option in order that customers can purchase your products online and pick them up curbside or in person.

5. A website is cheaper than traditional advertising

Many small businesses who don’t have a website still believe Yellow Page ads or traditional advertising to urge their name out there. But is purchasing a billboard in an ever-shrinking and increasingly expensive directory a good use of funds? especially if you’re trying to chop business costs? Websites can cost less than expected and provide you a wider reach than regular advertising.

6. A website is simpler to keep updated

If you tried starting a website years ago, you would possibly have some bad memories from the experience. It probably took weeks for a developer to createthen you couldn’t make any changes yourself. Simple things like updating store hours could take forever, so your information was outdated.

Today, it couldn’t be more different. With WordPress, all you would like to do is log in to your website and click on the part you’d wish to change. You’ll be ready to edit text, add photos, or change parts of your design. If you don’t want to spend time there then you can approach companies like Sciqus who takes care of all the things related to websites and how to adopt that website in your company.

7. You’ll find new local customers near you

A website isn’t only for finding customers across the globe—it’s an important tool for attracting local customers too. Many Google searches are people trying to find something right near them. That’s very true of mobile users who could be trying to find a store, restaurant, or other services while they’re on the go. If you don’t have a mobile-friendly website, you’re missing out on a chance to catch those visitors when they’re right in your neighborhood.

Does my business need a website if I’m on all social media?

Maybe you have already got a Facebook page and pretty good reviews on social media. Many business owners assume that a social media profile for his or her business is enough.

But there are some problems with this strategy. First, you’ll always be hooked on the social media platform you select. Algorithms change, rules change, and what’s working at some point won’t work a couple of weeks from now (as many businesses who trusted Facebook have recently learned).

If you’ve got a website, it belongs to you, and you control the content and therefore the message. Trends change, too. If your customers are on Instagram today, they could get on a better platform tomorrow. As people switch from one tool to subsequent, your website acts as an anchor. Regardless of what social media service customers prefer, they will always find your website in the same place, available to everyone.


The case for having a website in today’s world is extremely strong. Most of the companies surveyed said they planned to possess a website by the start of the year. Are you a part of this group? Make it a reality by choosing Sciqus today, and see how easy it is!

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