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Why Custom App Development is a Better Choice?

Why Custom App Development is a Better Choice?

Tablets and Mobile phones are the most used electronic gadgets in today’s world. As this technology is adopted by all age groups, the reliance on mobile devices and the Internet is increasing day by day. As adoption rates increase, so do customer expectations of getting the application of their choice within the device of their choice. These apps also work as powerful business tools that add value to the offering of a corporation, enhance their productivity, and increase their customer base. With many hours of content and most software offerings being within the sort of apps for mobile devices today, any organization that wishes to maximize its customer reach is now investing in mobile apps.


The iOS and Android question

The mobile world today is split into two major platforms – iOS and Android. Any application designed for mobile device users that doesn’t cater to both platforms is about to lose its adoption rate. Mobile app development companies offer their expertise on iOS, Android, and lots of other software platforms ensuring that your app works seamlessly across all devices. However, just offering application development services isn’t what’s needed in today’s dynamic world.

Custom Mobile App Development

Many software companies offer development platforms that will allow you to use out-of-the-box solutions to cater to your business needs, however, these are going to be with some minor caveats. These solutions won’t fit or cater to all or any of your needs and can find yourself being a compromise in every sense of the word. Come Custom Mobile Apps – these applications are designed to be consistent with your requirements. Custom-made mobile apps meet all your needs in every way and ensure that you and your customers get the simplest solution to your needs.

Why build a custom mobile app?

There are many reasons why you ought to develop a custom mobile app. A number of these reasons include:

1. Efficiency: Hybrid, web-based, and non-custom apps do fit your budget, but they are sometimes sluggish, inefficient, and don’t perform the way you’d want to across platforms. As these apps aren’t consistent with your requirements, they might end up confusing you and your customers regarding user flow or overall customer experience.

2. Scalability: Custom apps are designed to handle more knowledge than you can expect. This enables these apps to scale up in the case of need, ensuring that your customers get a fluid and outstanding experience out of the box. With third-party apps, you end up being caught up by the restrictions of these platforms with the case of UI and volume. Custom apps can scale well when designed well which is extremely important for the volatile customer market of today.

3. Security: General purpose business apps might suit the bill but would be built to the specifications laid down by the platform, which could not offer the extent of security that you simply require. Native and custom apps are very secure because they meet the stringent requirements of the vendors operating system platform, so these apps fulfil your needs and simultaneously are very secure.

4. User Experiencethe foremost important aspect of an application is user experience. If you want to lower your app’s churn rate, your UI must be fluid and meet your needs. A good mobile development company will conduct user surveys and return to the drafting board repeatedly to make sure that your customers get the experience they want from you.

5. Simple maintenance: Custom apps are easier to take care of as there are few third-party nuances to affect the app. The whole platform is bespoke for your company, ensuring that you simply get a transparent, concise code that matches your requirements and is easy for new programmers to debug.

6. Compatibility: As custom apps are designed to suit your requirements, you’ll make sure that they fit most, if not all platforms you project your users to use. These apps ensure they run swiftly and smoothly on any mobile platform a user might throw at them, thus reducing frustrations and user churn. These apps also make sure that they convey well together with your existing software, helping you re-use existing resources and not having to migrate to or invest in completely new backend systems.

7. Analytics: With custom apps, it’s possible to extract the maximum amount of metadata as you would like to power your analytics. This ensures that you simply understand your users better with cohorts and may assist you to make informed, user-centric business decisions.

8. Brand Identity: A custom app can assist you to design the app the way you would like it to be, so it best reflects your brand identity. This will further assist you to steer beyond the generic user interfaces available online today and make sure that your app reflects the same brand identity and logo as your office, your website, and other products.

9. High Visibility and communication: As the Users  nowadays spend loads of their time on their mobile devices, a custom app together with your custom logo and brand identity are going to be highly visible and feature a much higher chance of your customers identifying with the app and your company’s products. Custom apps also allow businesses to keep their apps busy by displaying alerts and notifications.

10. Simple distribution: As your custom app is going to be created for multiple platforms, you’ll be ready to push updates faster, ensuring that your users always have the newest and greatest version of your app. Generic platforms often don’t harness the facility of the platform they’re on because of the nature of their build.

Building an app may sound like a tedious and time-consuming process, but with a good development partner like Sciqus, you can go faster than you think. Sciqus has the experience and technical know-how that custom apps need in-house, so we can help you create your dream app the way you want. With an experienced development team and always-on domain experts, Sciqus can create complex apps with high scalability, efficiency, and quality that can catch up with the industry’s best in record speed.

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