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Vendor Portal

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Better Communications With Your Vendors Is Paramount To Success.

Component 4 – 2

Supplier onboarding 

registration, qualification

Component 4 – 2

Invoice and payment processing

e-invoicing, supplier self-service

Component 4 – 2

Procurement process

E-tendering, purchase orders, catalog buying, delivery updates

Component 4 – 2

Vendor relationship management 

Sourcing and processing info, complaint communication, vendor rating

Vendor Portals : A Super-Shelf For Vendors

Centralized Supplier Management System

  • Single Point of Contact
  • Reduction in unnecessary follow-ups
  • Quick display of vendor documents
  • Easy rating of vendors
  • Identifying right vendor in no time
  • Centralized information management
  • Alignment of vendors towards your business
  • Avoid wastage of emails
  • Efficient tool that support the supply chain

Vendor Rating

Easy Assessments of vendors and perfect selection for your perfect products made easy through a single portal.

Critical review of the strengths and weaknesses of vendors

Obtain the best vendor- best value for money

Evaluate through the assessment of risk, time of delivery, pricing, quality and service.

Implementation Strategy

Vendor portal could not be treated as successful until all of its participants use it to the fullest extent. Specific user journey has to be designed as each set of users comes from different experience of business and mindset.
  • Clear objective – The objective for the investment has to be clearly called out to keep it in focus while taking every step towards implementation and training.
  • Process finalization – A small workshop is needed to define the processes to be covered under vendor portal. the features that suits the organization most and their values in the vendor management has to be listed down.
  • Integration necessity – The flow of information from the eco-system of applications is to be defined. This will help defining push and pull need of data.
  • Identification and training of key users – Key users within the organization and at vendor side must be reinforced with proper information to use the portal. This could be with online training or user manuals or videos, etc.
  • Aligning Vendors – Vendors are important part of the implementation. Selected vendors should be informed and considered during the implementation. Their user specific user journey could help design application’s experience for them.