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Intranet for Legal Firms

How Intranet Plays a Key Role for Legal Firms

When we talk about technology, we usually do not consider legal industry. After all, we think that why a law firm will need to deal with technology. But as time passes by things change, and so it has happened with legal industry.
As per a survey, firms that have adopted and embraced technology have an increased profitability as compared to the firms that do not which leads to a huge performance gap.

Intranet is something that these legal firms are ready to adopt without any hesitation. There are industries that are dependent on quick access of data or information and legal industry is one of these industries. And Intranet plays a key role in sharing data, information and knowledge in this industry and increases the productivity to whole new level.

Modern Intranet is a boom to such industries because Intranets provide a simple yet great way to manage and access the huge quantity of information and data. Intranets serves as a communication, collaboration and an engagement platform with other added benefits.

As per a survey, 78% of legal firms have created a great collaborative culture that leaded to an improved performance and productivity of the firm.

Importance of Intranet in Legal Firms

Intranet has all the facilities under one roof like publishing the policies, news and announcements, sharing of data and information to individuals, calendar events, sites and sub sites can be created based on the practice groups or type of cases, profile can be managed, precedents can be added as a guide and many more things can be done within an Intranet and most importantly on a centralized platform that can be accessed on the go.

Our Intranet Portal gives easy and instant access to all the data uploaded without accessing multiple platforms or systems or repositories. This happens due to the Search facility that we provide in our Intranet Portal wherein you can type whatever information or document you need and it will be available to you on a single click.

Intranet Portal from Sciqus also has a feature wherein the firm employees can share their thoughts, insights, brainstorm, discuss and work together collaboratively thus reducing a lot of mail communication and resulting in faster and better outputs. The portals are highly secure as this data is accessible only to the employees withing firms based on the roles that they are assigned.

Features of Intranet that are Important for Legal Firms

1) Central Search – Timely access to information is a pivotal feature for providing efficient service to clients. With the central search option in the Intranet Portal employees can get quick access to anything and everything within the portal. The right and the correct information is available on the go.

For Legal Firms history of previous cases, case studies etc. play a key role for the success. And if the individual has to    go through a lot of repositories, then it becomes a time consuming and hectic task. But with a central search option this task can be easily done in a few seconds and the required information is available in a blink of an eye.

2) Employee Directory – In large organization with huge number of lawyers, associates, partners etc. it becomes difficult to identify everyone’s name, specializations, cases they handle, contact details and so on.
At this stage the Employee Directory plays a key role in fetching the details. This facilitates quick access to relevant information with increased productivity.

3) Collaboration & Engagement – When there are complicated cases that are to be dealt with, then collaboration from multiple experts across the law firm is needed. With the collaboration feature multiple documents, insights and information can be shared through the Intranet Portal.

Law firms are greatly dependent on documents and forms. Intranets allows to consolidate all the forms and documents at one place. It also allows to publish the news, events, polls and updates.

Apart from the work-related information Intranet helps in team bonding by publishing the work anniversaries,  birthdays, blogs, their experiences and allowing other employees to greet and comment on their posts.

4) Customized and Personalized Information Sharing – Customized and personalized information sharing is a mandate feature and a need of any organization type. With an In- App Chat in the Intranet, information, data and knowledge can be securely shared one to one.

It is time give a thought on your organization’s intranet. Besides serving the core purpose, Intranet Portal is also crucial for improved employee engagement, communication and collaboration.

If you’d like to learn a more about the Intranet Portal please feel to get in touch with us for a quick walkthrough.



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