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Building products with One Line Requirements

Building products with One Line Requirements


Dealing with Single Line Requirements


The era of delivering the IT projects based on the detail specifications has gone. Today there are several project requirements that comes in a single line. Generally, these are the needs
that arises out of the underneath pain area. Majority of the IT solution providers fails to or
denies taking such assignments as it looks like half-cooked and might consume high amount of time and always has no surety of moving the project on the floor based on the
complexities, costs and timelines that comes up.

So how to deal with this?

We at Sciqus deal with such kind of single-line requirements on a regular basis. Despite of dealing with large enterprise clients whose requirement documents are crystal clear, our team always gets excite to understand what pain areas are lying underneath of it.

We evaluate such requirements from all aspects and then move further to document it. Here comes the strategy team who plays a big role understanding the heart and brain of the executives to think of the initiative. Sometimes it succeeds and we proceed but sometimes it takes a new shape altogether and comes up as a mission critical one.

We work with companies that comes with single-line requirement and shape them become one of the impacting initiatives. Few such requirements have been shaped up so well that they have become a separate business vertical in the business of the customers, and few have forced to form a new incorporation as well.

We understand the changed scenarios of the business and enjoy helping them identify the capacity of the single-line requirement to deal with the business issues. The detailed requirement documents, technical and architecture documents, wireframes, etc. all are the biproducts of our journey of validating the concept.

Many times, connecting a raw idea into a proper product/solution takes huge amount of time. This might wash away the advantage of early entry for many businesses. Today solving problems on urgency will help businesses take a good rise in industry be it an internal problem of processes or customers. Businesses are supposed to be super-quick in identifying and solving the problems.

Sciqus team is well geared up to take such challenges and the App Studio to ensure the perfect user journey with a unique adoption strategy.

We run a quick session to understand the crux behind the requirements and then help customer visualize the solution blueprint with the impact it could have in their business.


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